Food and Beer Friday (oops)


So... I'm late. What else is new. 
This week I'm linking up with Kristin's Food and Beer Friday Saturday, which is really great because I get to drink beer and blog about it.
And this one is a doozy.

Peak Organic, a brewery based out of Portland, Maine, has an Oak Aged Mocha Stout. I know, I know, it's the spring time and stouts are not the most desirable beverage. But this one is... trust me.

This baby has been brewed with organic chocolate, and organic and local coffee beans. It comes in a 22oz bottle and coming in at a nice 8.4%ABV (% of alcohol) it's definitely a beer that you will want to share with some friends... or not.  The coffee and the oak came out more than anything in this beer, although the alcohol definitely had a presence as well; it reminded me of an Imperial Stout.

Beer, coffee, and chocolate? It's really just the best combination ever. I think Rion's face says it all. 

I'm super excited about this new link-up, especially since we have a ridiculous amount of beers from Classic City Brew Fest!
Head on over to the other girls to see what they've got brewing!


Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Sounds like a delicious beer! I love stouts, and other dark beers. Also, 8%?! Yikes, one would be enough for me!

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

HUGE beer fans here! Fallen in love with Black Isle Organic Blonde, if you can get ahold of it it's fantastic!!

Kristin W said...

Thanks for linking up! Did you pick this for me? Because it sounds right down my alley! I'm totally going to see if I can spot it in my bottle shop!

Can't wait to hear about Classic City Brewfest! It was mine and D's first beer festival when we lived in Athens & still holds a special place in our hearts :)

Unknown said...

Yum this sounds amazing! I've been on a total sour kick lately, and a little bit of a barleywine one too. I hope you start sharing more about your beer experiences because I love seeing what you're up to.

Bev said...

organic chocolate and beer?!?! OMG!! Sounds delish!

I thought of you when talking to a friend of mine who told me apparently there is a brewing school here in Corvallis, OR. Crayyyyyy that they have a school for it! I'm sure you're well passed the school stage though... you and the hubs seem a bit more legit and professional :)

xo, Bev

Amanda k. said...

Yuum! Dark, rich beers are often my favorites! A higher alcohol content sometimes doesn't hurt either...haha. Since I'm on the West Coast, this beer probably isn't available to me which is such a bummer because it sounds great!