LOTM: Grow Some Stuff


It's spring, peeps!
And that means hiking, backpacking, and pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. Seriously, my car was yellow yesterday. It's supposed to be black. 
Spring definitely means all of those things, but it also means spring gardens!
 When Rion and I moved into our love shack after getting married (seriously, it already had a sign above the door that said love shack), the first thing we did was scope out a perfect spot for a garden. We're all about local and organically grown food, and what's more local than your front yard?
We tilled, and tilled, and dug out rocks, and tilled. All by hand. 
Hardest work of my life. But it was totally worth it.
If that sounds like too much for you, than you're probably a smart person. But seriously, raised-bed gardens are an awesome alternative. 
We, and by we I mean Rion, made a homemade trellis for our lovely little cucumbers!
And who doesn't love a good watermelon!
We also had a little homemade contraption for our pole beans. They were supposed to grow up the corn, but that's kind of hard when the corn doesn't come in. 

Our second year of gardening was much better than our first; we were able to cultivate the soil a little better. And hopefully this year will be even better!

Want to see what the other ladies are growing?
Brandi (guest blogger)


kayla said...

ohh i love it! this will be my first priority upon moving to my own home, a garden!! so lovely :)

Anonymous said...

You guys have a gorgeous garden. My goodness. I'm jealous. Ours had more weeds than plants last year. It was a bit of a mess. Ha!

Felicia said...

What a lovely garden you guys have! We have little seedlings growing and can't wait to plant them outside soon. It will be our second garden, first one at this place and its going to be huge! I cant wait

Kristina said...

Wow, that is what I call a garden! Good job!! I "only" have a potted garden with herbs, tomatoes, capsicum, strawberries and a lemon tree, but it is the best feeling to eat a tomato salad from your own garden!! Kristina x

Gentri said...

so awesome!! I hope my garden will be that big!

Kristin W said...

I'm SO impressed! We...ahem I...tried a garden two years ago. We got lots of peppers and tomatoes, but then I let it go. It's HARD to water that in the summer heat. Great garden!