LOTM: Good Eatin'


Welcome back friends. We've missed you.
We've missed you so much, in fact, that we're going to treat you this week!
We're setting you up with the best hiking/backpacking recipes around. That way, next time you hit the trail you'll be eating in style. 
Ok... maybe not in style, but it will be delicious. 
I apologize to all you vegetarians out there, but jerky is one of the most heavenly things on this planet. Especially after a long day of hiking. It seriously hits the spot. And yes, you can go to the gas station and buy pre-made jerky, but don't you want to skip all of those fake preservatives and chemicals and make some of your own?
I'm going to assume you said yes. 
It's really pretty easy.

1. Buy lean beef. You can make jerky with other meats, but as a beginner you should probably start with beef.
2. Cut out any extra fat. Fat WILL make your jerky spoil, so chuck it in the garbage.
3. Marinate it for a couple hours. A basic marinade consists of olive oil, salt, and pepper, but you can really go crazy with this step. Get creative.
4. Season it. Seriously, what's jerky without seasonings?
5. Bring it up to 160 degrees before dehydrating it. Food safety!
6. Dehydrate it until it's darkened. 

Don't have a dehydrator? Check out these steps to see how you can make your jerky in an oven!
 And now you have these yummy little morsels to snack on!
I'd recommended using a vacuum seal when storing these for a hike, just to make sure they don't spoil.
You're welcome for making your life just that much better.

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Gentri said...

I didn't know it was so easy to make jerky! There's always a guy on the side of the road selling it here.

Anonymous said...

Ian makes his own jerky every couple of months and it's amazing. He usually makes a batch for me that's mild and a batch for him that makes most people cry from the insane heat.
(We make ours in the oven.)

Nom nom nom. I love it!

Great treat.

Unknown said...

This is great! I've been wanting to try making jerky and just haven't been very inspired, but now I am :)
Thanks for sharing

LG said...

i LOVE jerky. there's smokehouse in the adirondacks near where i vacation that sells beef, elk, venison, gosh almost any game meat you can think of. it's amazing. fun fact, i once ate kangroo jerky.

Niken said...

oh, yumm!!!

Lena said...

Why have I never made jerky? WHY?!!?!


Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

jerky is one of the greatest things in the world. my brother makes some and it never lasts long! so delicious!