Life is a Choice


Life has a way of forcing you to make decisions.
Some decisions pass through your brain and out of your lips before you realize what you're doing. Others, it's hard to even function when they're on your mind.

For the past two years Rion and I have been living in survival mode. And even though I'm graduating in a month, I've kept my head down and, I suppose out of reflex, kept pushing on. I applied to jobs that simply weren't me, but they offered a steady paycheck, and that meant we wouldn't need to "survive" anymore. Thankfully, I was woken up from the mundane life I was about to commit myself to. I realized that now, of all times, is when I need to choose to live. And so I did.

I will not let myself settle for what's safe. Safe has never been a motivation in my life decisions; embracing the unknown and trusting in God has led me to some of the most fulfilling things in my life. So why worry about safe now?  

I've turned down all of my job offers to pursue a career in outdoor journalism. I'm about to work my butt off for a dream, a dream that's been mine for so long, and, honestly, I can't wait.


hop, skip and jump said...

If you have the passion, you're already half way there! Good on you, love this post.

Britta Marie said...

good for you!! you are chasing your dreams and i have faith that good things will come for you :)

Csilla said...

Good for you! I will pray for you on this new adventure!

Lena said...

So proud. Love you!!

LG said...

go girl! congratulations on figuring our where to focus your energy! i'm still working on that myself :)

Kristin W said...

So inspiring! It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams! I can't wait to follow your journey!

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Love it. I need this inspiration and reminder too. I should probably bookmark this and come back for reinforcement :)

Unknown said...

'Atta girl!!!!

I did the same thing last month. i had a mundane drill a hole in my head with a broken pencil dipped in arsenic kind of job - with a company that i could generate a real career with. as long as i could conform to their 55 hour work week, take out all my piercings, cover up my tattoos, cut my hair the right way, wear the right clothes and bend over while they pile drived my up the ass until they found someone cheaper they could do it to....and i was already coming pretty cheap.

and i gave it all up to start a social media consulting and blog design business. wtf?

....i haven't felt better than this in ages.

you will too :)