Practicing a Little Magic


March means a lot of things to a lot of people-- crappy weather, daylight savings, St. Patrick's Day. But to those of us who live near the Appalachian Trail, it's the start of the thru-hiking season. And since I live like 20 minutes from the start of the trail, it's kind of a big deal.
And when thru-hiking season begins that means there's a little magic in the air... trail magic.
 That's right friends. No rabbits in hats or doves appearing out of thin air. Although I wouldn't have complained if that happened. Let's be real. But, no, it was just some good old fashioned trail magic. 
Rion and I, and some of our friends from church, decided to hit up the trail and strike up the grill. We had water, soda, beer (of course), hot dogs, chips, and cookies to shower upon our hiker friends.
I was afraid we weren't going to have many people pass by, but it was pretty much a party all day.

Living out the Gospel by simply providing a service to other people (oh and spending the whole day in the woods)? Yea, it was an awesome Sunday.


Sarah Kate Branine said...

I love that. LOVE that. Gospel realities for sure!

Sarah Kate Branine said...

p.s. 'thru-hiking'? Seriously, I need a lesson in hiking and hiking vocab! : )

David said...

Such a cool idea!

Unknown said...

I seriously loved doing this when we lived in Roanoke. Hiker's usually hit VA in may so we'd set-up a campsite and feed people for the weekend. Love this, and so glad you're doing it!

Kasi Zlochevski said...

Your outing looks really cool!
Picnics/bbq are always so much fun :)

MILEX said...

love, love and love!