A Song to Make Me Happy


Remember that time, way back when in ancient history, when I was talking about meeting up with my brother? It feels like a decade ago. I've been super busy (update coming soon). 

Well, since my mom is awesome, she bought us tickets to go see Dangermuffin
They're one of my brother's favorite bands and they just happened to be in Roanoke the night we all got in. Sweet. Oh and they're from Folly Beach, which is right outside of Charleston, a town I lived in for two years and consequently fell in love with. Just because of that I like them.

They are a fun hippie/reggae/happy rock band, and the lead singer was always smiling.
I mean, come on, how could you not have fun?

Plus I was with my three favorite people so the night was basically destined for greatness!


Melinda Jo said...

This makes me smile. We were so lucky they were there! =)

Unknown said...

First, I'm so sad you were in Roanoke and we weren't there to meet up with you. Second, I'm so glad you got to see your adventuring bother. Third, we know the guys in Dangermuffin! We hung out with them at Floyd Fest a bunch and they're super cool. Love this.