LOTM: How to Not Die


 So you're lost out here huh?
Well not to fear, the LOTM are here!
This week we've got some tidbits of expertise to share with you so you don't die. Nice of us, right? We thought so.

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You're wandering around the forest and at first it's all butterflies and frolicking dear. How nice. But then it starts to get dark, a cold wind blows through, and a wolf howls in the distance. That's how I picture it anyway.
Well there are three basic things that you need immediately so you don't die:
Shelter, fire, and water.
I'm not an expert survivalist (visit Nicole for that), but I am a practiced backpacker, and these are things you always think about. 

1. Shelter- bring a tent or fully-equipped hammock.
2. Fire- bring flint; it will never run out.
3. Water- map out your hike so you will be near water when camping and bring a water purifier.

The next in line is certainly food, but you need to think about these things before food. You can last longer without sustenance than you can without shelter, fire, and water. 

Now, hopefully you won't die.

Still a little nervous? See what these Ladies have to say:
Jorie (guest blogger)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Suddenly I'm some kind of expert. Eeep. I don't know if I'm deserving of that title. I'd say I'm intermediate. Ha. ;)

Niken said...

yes, i've learned the hard way about these 3 basics to survive out there. let's just say i was very young, inexperience and was totally driven by adrenalin when i went hiking for the first time.

Jorie said...

Haha, I love it. It makes me want to something by Earth, Wind and Fire!


Kotryna Bass said...

love these pictures!!!

LC @ On Windswept Lane said...

Talk about perfect timing-- I was just talking to some friends about camping in Yosemite. Now...what's your advice about not contracting hantavirus that's spreading around there? =p JK. But seriously...

Unknown said...

bbackpacking is on my bucketlist and so is camping! these are great to remember when I embark on these adventures!

Sarah Kate Branine said...

I told my husband that I am giving up camping for Lent. Now to stretch those 40 days into 365 : ) I also like to tell people that I spell camping H O T E L. I know. I'm terrible. I'm willing to work on it. Soon : )

ps. These tips are scaring me but those pictures are beautiful and I know that I cannot be a true Oregonian without getting over myself and experiencing all of the beauty of hiking and cccccamping. There. I said it : )