Luzern and a Goodbye


 Welcome to the beautiful town of Luzern. 
 My best of friends and I rambled these streets.
And we met some new friends along the way.
 Like any good adventure, we stumbled across a random castle.
Also like any good adventure, it must come to an end. 
Over a month later and I will finally stop reliving that most awesome of trips. I've really enjoyed recapping our exploits to you all, and somehow it made me feel like I was still there.
I miss my friends and I miss that beautiful country that they call home, but it's time to say goodbye. 
So, tschüs Switzerland! You forever have a place in my heart. 


Niken said...

i would be sad to leave a city like that

sweet harvest moon said...

Switzerland is one of my favority countries. I'm always happy to go back

Pretty pictures!

Kotryna Bass said...

I love the mountains. However, for some reason I always ended up living in the places where there aren't any, haha!

ABI said...

Great landscape!! :D