The Unexpected


Sorry Oregon, we won't be gracing you with our presence for some time. 
That's right, Rion and I are moving down to Atlanta instead of trekking it cross-country.
Why, you ask?
The brewing industry is a fickle creature. She doesn't really like outsiders. If you don't have hands-on experience it's kind of hard to get in the field. So when a prominent figure in the local brewing industry asks your husband to come onto the team... you kind of have to say yes. 
Although it's not a glamorous move, I really feel like God slapped us in the face and turned us in the right direction. Rion is getting so much hands-on experience already, and he has barely started there. Everywhere we turn it feels like God is continuing to provide for this decision, which makes me feel confident that we made the right one.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that we're Atlanta bound.


Anonymous said...

(Comment attempt No. 2. The first one went all wonky...)

I don't know anything about Atlanta except that it has a hockey team called the Thrashers. So I did a quick Google search to see what you were in for and one of the first things I saw was the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It looks gorgeous, so I approve of this move! ;)

Congrats to Rion on the new gig and to you for the big exciting new move. I'm sure Atlanta will have a lot to offer (more than NHL hockey and a beautiful garden) and I look forward to seeing it through your eyes and camera lens.

Happy relocating!

Amanda said...

Congratulations to Rion! That sounds like such a great opportunity for him! I like Nicole, don't know too much about Atlanta (I think I drove through it once) but once you guys move down there I think it is going to become a lot cooler!

Congratulations again!

Sarah Kate Branine said...

So, I recently found your blog and have been enjoying following along. I live in the Portland area of Oregon, and I am sorry for your sake (and ours!) that you won't be joining us here. But it sounds like Oregon is on the list of possibilities for the future? I hope so-- you will love it. And, Atlanta has it's wonderful spaces too. I lived in SC for six years and enjoyed occasional trips to Georgia. What an amazing opportunity for your husband! Best wishes!

kayla said...

Congrats to the hub on the new endeavor! God is good, I'm sure Atlanta will surprise you :)

Kristin W said...

Thrilling! Congrats! And agreed about getting into the beer industry, especially if you're a brewer. Not sure if you're planning to reveal...but what's the beer company (sadly, I'm crossing my fingers it's not Sweetwater since they're Terrapin competitors ;)) I think it'll be a great start for your guys!

Allie said...

ahhh so excited to hear more about the brewing adventures!! congrats you two!

Harley said...

my friend just moved to atlanta and she loves it! good luck! God really does know best.

Harley & Jane

Felicia said...

wow what exciting news! So cool and congrats to him and you both! Change is good and it will be an adventure! Good luck in relocating and exploring your new home :)

The Adventurer said...

Hey - home of Coke and the olympics in like 1992 or something! Not too shabby :) I know that this will be awesome for you and that SOME day you'll make it where you really want to be. I am so pumped for you and that brew maker of yours!

Bev said...

Hey!! Gotta go where God intends you to go... and it wasn't rainy mushy Oregon!!! Glad to hear you guys are headed in a different direction, and not scurrred to do so!

Best of luck in Atlanta girl!!

xo, Bev