Dirty Old Town


No. I'm not hatin' on Dublin, it's a Pogues' song. If you don't know the Pogues... I'm sorry. You really need to get on that. 
So the rest of our time in Dublin was ironically spent seeing cathedrals and drinking beer. But on one occasion we did actually put our beers to the side and partake in a Jameson testing... at 10:30 in the morning. Not my idea. 
We toured the old Jameson distillery and at the end we stupidly volunteered to test 3 whiskeys-- one American, one Scotch, and, of course Jameson- the Irish. I quickly decided I hate whiskey. Unless it's served with ginger ale, which is something people do.
All in all, I've realized Dublin is scrappy, dirty, the people have major attitude, and I'm absolutely and totally in love.
Hopefully I'll see you soon Dublin.


Niken said...

i'd love to visit dublin and see you there :)

rrspurlock said...

Let's go back..like now!

Faith said...

Nooooo don't hate the whiskey!

alex said...

Beautiful photos! My favorite is the first one!:D

Unknown said...

i absolutely love dublin! it's gorgeous.