Time to Get Your Eat On!


Beware: if you are hungry and food is not in the immediate vicinity, this post may prove to be dangerous.
Charleston, SC is known for many things, one of them being delicious food. During my two year stint in this mini paradise I didn't really experience this side of Charleston. You know... the whole broke thing. So when Rion and I went back, I went a little crazy.
One of my friends works at a bakery called Wild Flour. So in a complete self-sacrificial act we went there and visited her. And guys, it would have been rude if we didn't by anything so....
 These little guys are the equivalent of pop-able Heaven.
 A savory scone and quiche that lasted about .3 seconds. Fo real.
After we engorged ourselves (only because we had to) we went and played with the pups at the most awesome dog park in all the land. It's so awesome it deserves its own post. So look forward to that, I know, exciting right?
Then we ate dinner at Fuel. It's a Caribbean-style restaurant in a refurbished gas station. I feel like a hipster saying that. Is that hipstery? Anyway. Fresh seafood. That is something that simply does not exist in the hollers of North Georgia. Captain D's is not fresh...gross.
I mean really... just look at the goodness that overfloweth on our plates.
I'm hungry.


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Your food has no power over me today, it all looks gross.

Something is wrong with me today, I blame Monday.

Unknown said...

When I go to the States, I am going to visit this place and eat all the food. I imagine the donut looking things would be equivalent to my kryptonite :P

The Wildest of Dreams

Jessie said...

my stomach is growling and my mouth is watering. ahhhhh!

Bev said...

holy geeze I'm drooling right now... true story!! Can you bring some of that pop-able goodness with you when you guys move to OR???

And that seafood looks ah mazing as well!!! I hate when I see all this scrummy goodness going on, and I get excited to eat dinner... then BOOM!! We don't have scrum a dum places to select from over herr :/

The Adventurer said...

Pah - hipstery,

PS. Totes a hipster. So totally totes :)

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Hope all is well.
Oh, Just Living the Dream