And We Ate Cake.


I know all of you know that the point of weddings is to eat lots of free cake, and drink lots some free drinks. Well that is just what we did.
Oh and I got to see one of my really good friends get married... perks. 
 So maybe the cakes weren't technically free. The cafe I manage made all of those cakes, and they were my wedding present to Alison and Jeremy... and everyone else there. (You're welcome, folks).
I felt so honored (and completely terrified) to be asked to talk at their wedding. I was the only person that talked. I nearly pooped my pants. I did end up visibly shaking the entire time I was reading. I blame the heels I was in. 
 Rion caught a few swigs of beer out on the porch.
Oh did I mention they had their wedding in the Charleston harbor. That means I got to go back to Charleston! (SC for those of you unlucky enough to not know what I'm talking about).
And I had a whole lot of mixed drinks. 
Yay for weddings!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Those colors are amazing! Love the sunflowers, the color of your dress (and the blue) ... I'm over here saying "why didn't I think of that??".

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Love the yellows! I've never been to Charleston but I hear it's amazing (and I would probably never want to leave).

holly said...

Good for you for speaking at the wedding, you have guts. Public speaking at events is terrifying!

On a side note I could so use a table of cakes right now haha! Looks delish.

Sarah Hope said...

I recognize that place! The Lighthouse on Shem Creek-- I used to pass it every day for four years. Man, I am jealous you got to frolic in the Carolina sunshine.

Lena said...

Alison getting married. Your dress. The shoes. Charleston. And mixed drinks.

It's just too much awesome for me to handle. Miss you!!

Unknown said...

this all looks so lovely!

Bev said...

Friend... you look STUNNING!! Those heels.. that dress... the mustard colors you got goin' on!! I'm sure everyone was fixated on your beauty which took over your nervousness!

xxo, Bev

April said...

Yay weddings! Good for you being brave and reading. Talking in front of people is hard!

The Adventurer said...

Oh HEY you in that asymmetrical dress. Love it. Totesies.