Things that Make Me Happy


Lately life has been... well... it makes me want to run away screaming into the mountains. Can you picture that? I picture crazy faces, lots of hair pulling, and possibly a bear. 
Anyway, I've decided I need to stay positive. You know, so I can avoid that bear.
So I've discovered a few things that just make me really, really happy.
 Discovering this little hovering happy whale on my desktop every time I open it just makes me happy. I get a weird little grin on my face and I start giggling. It just happens. I have no control. And it's great.
Poolga. No I didn't just sneeze. Poolga is a website that showcases young artist's artwork by making them into free iPhone backgrounds. This website makes me all kinds of giddy. Yes, giddy... it's that good. Not only do they make interesting and unique backgrounds- it's just cool artwork. I have my own virtual gallery. Is that posh? Can it be posh? I just like the word posh.
And this little gem from one of my favorite authors. 
Don't mind if I do, Jack. (We're on a first name basis)

What makes you guys happy?


Sophie said...


kayla said...

Jack is my homeboy too :) thanks for the post- i instantly smile when i read about others joys and glimpse the uplifting quotes and pictures!

Unknown said...

Sorry things are so tough right now, you'll make it through I'm sure of it! You have so much to look forward to just remember that.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

your blog, it always makes me happy.

Unknown said...

Gahhh that site is so cool! I'm stuck with my Android until March sadly, but when I upgrade it looks like I know where I'll be finding all of my phone backgrounds!


Unknown said...

This post made me really happy. :)

xo, Adriana.
Horses of Ares

Unknown said...

ah, that whale!!! cuteness

Bev said...

Why a bear girlie?! You need to stay positive and think how happy that whale is in the desktop picture you have saved! Love that!


hop, skip and jump said...

Oh I love the first three prints