Kickin' Butt


This is how I've been with exercise lately... minus the T-rex. So basically I'm not exercising. It's been really tough because exercise has been such a huge part of my life since mid-high school. I literally ran everyday. And sometimes I would run and then go to swim practice. By sometimes I mean for the whole winter.
I'm a runner. But the problem is there are no good places to run in my town. In NJ I had an awesome state park that I would conquer, and in Charleston there were SO many different places to run. Dahlonega? Nothing. It sucks. It also makes motivation drop to a -786. 
That's low. 
Basically this whole build up thing is to tell you I'm starting a kickboxing class. So not only will I be fit, but I'll be able kick some butt. I'm doing this because my friend asked me to, and also because someone will be yelling at me. Either it will motivate me or make me cry. So far it's been motivation. 
Wish me luck and pray I don't die. 
Or cry.


kayla said...

Good for you!! I started to do P90x recently and I feel like I could perhaps kick some butt if i needed to :) good luck!

The Egg said...

get after it girl!

xo the egg out west.

Michelle said...

Hi, love your blog! Just had to comment because I have the same exercise issue all the time. Kick boxing sounds so fun! Good luck!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I've been feeling like this too!

Kristin W said...

So cool about the kickboxing class! Crazily enough, I never get tired of treadmill running, but I get sick of running the same routes outside. I guess in Dahlonega, classes are a must. Good luck!

Erica said...

Oh my gosh! If I giant t-rex doesn't get you running, I don't know what will. So funny!

Kickboxing sounds like fun :)

Annie said...

kickboxing sounds like the perfect solution AND you have someone to go with you! I'd love to go to classes but running around the park is a lot lot cheaper :)

I just popped over from your guest post on secondhand sundays and now I think I'll be staying!