This is Where I Reside


When I'm not at work I am here, in this cozy little hobbit hole. It's my favorite little hobbit hole, even if much of my time here consists of doing homework. 
It's kind of hard to stay in here on a beautiful fall day when I should be out hiking with the pups. But, on a dark and gloomy, rainy day... there is no place I'd rather be. Except for the whole homework thing. Dang it homework!
Seriously, does anyone ever want to just punch school in the face? When I graduate in the spring that will be my mental image. And it will be glorious.


Sadaf M. Ahmed said...

your room looks very comfortable, i just love big window along with bed.

hop, skip and jump said...

Is this seriously your room? It looks so cosy!

Unknown said...

what a lovely room!