Can We Talk About 5 Things?


Monday, August 6
Oh geez. My trip is coming to an end. Or I might run into the wilderness of Maine and never come back. I guess you'll find out tomorrow. 
Anyhoo, one of my first bloggy friends is here to round out this most awesome guest post series. Michelle is the coolest of cool. So DO NOT miss this post. DO.NOT. 
Oh well hello there sweet readers of A Crooked Trail! I'm Michelle and I blog over at On The Adventure. If you're into mountains, dogs, and a sweet musical track every now and then, stop on by. I kind of love making new blog friends. And by kinda, I mean seriously.

While Kelley is off adventuring (um, jealous) I get the sweet, sweet chance to camp out here for a day. Am I pumped? Um, you better believe it. Could I be any more excited? Nope. No way, no how my friends. Not even if you hand-delivered a basket full of French Bulldogs to me right this very instant. Yeah, I know,

Friends, I am seriously excited to be here and to share a few outdoorsy things with you. Each week over at OTA I feature a post called "5 Things I'd Rather Be Doing". When I started this feature I was in grad school and it was my way of vicariously living the life I oh so dreamed of in the midst of textbooks, sticky notes, and a plethora of highlighters. It was my way of living life outside of my existence and today, sweet friends, is no different. Basically I just wish I was camping with Kelley and that brew-master husband of hers. Um, so much fun. I can't even deal.

I imagine that they look something like this.... except Kelley looks more like a girl (you know, because she is one):

Since I caaaaan't be camping out up in Maine with Kell, these are 5 things I'd most seriously rather be doing...

Oh friends, can you just imagine? I am thinking that a good 'ole camping trip is my near future, that's for sure. I hope you're having the time of your life, Kell. Go catch a fish, pop a tent, and hug a bear! 

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The Egg said...

all gorgeous gorgeous photos!

Allie said...

the anatomy of a backpacker is GENIUS. id like to go on an adventure with you two... you guys know whats up. blogger trip!?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I want to be doing and looking at all of these things. Way to make me long for a day off and a camping trip.

Say, take me with you when you go?

(P.S. I hope you're having an amazing time, Kelley.)

Unknown said...

LOVE that anatomy of a backpacker picture! fits nicely with one of my recent camping posts

Gentri said...

waaaaaaaaaait!! you forgot meeeeeeeeee!

Gentri said...

*runs to catch up and join the blogging camping party*

The Adventurer said...

I think that what I'm picking up here is that WE ALL NEED TO CAMP TOGETHER!!

Done. SO done.

Unknown said...

I know I need to go camping asap here in Denver before summer ends! I have never camped anywhere but the beach, and I neeeeeeed to experience actual mountain man camping! motivation.

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Love her! Love you! So much love. I want to go camping so bad!!! Both of you take me with you!

Lena said...

I second Gentri and her running to join the blogging party. I'll even bring my head lamp that has a strobe light mode.. which translates into let's get this party started!!