My Best Friend is Here!


Friday, August 3
You have to read this post.
Whatever you do, you must read it.
Want to know why?
My best friend wrote it.
Hi friends! I'm Lena and you can usually find me blogging over here about my thoughts, ideas, excitement, and adoration for this little thing called living. Since the time for my husband and my big move to Switzerland is fast approaching (read all the details here), I wanted to share a few of the European adventures that I've been daydreaming of taking since that beautiful continent is about to become home.

/1/ Throw a tomato at La Tomatina // Italy: Imagine an event that begins with hundreds of men and women singing and dancing as others attempt to climb a greased pole with a ham on top. When the ham is finally dropped off the pole, water hoses are pointed into the air to signal the beginning of the world's largest tomato fight. What more is there to say other than, I. must. go.

/2/ Sip on a hot chocolate at Aiguille du Midi // France: It's no secret that I absolutely adore snowy mountains. To sit amidst the clouds with France's highest mountain almost within reach would be absolutely incredible. Add in some chocolate in liquid form and I may just die from happiness.

/3/ Cheer on the Tour de France cyclists // France: Since my dad was a professional cyclist and often knew many of the Tour de France riders, I've grown up watching this race every year. It's been a dream of mine to camp roadside at each of the race's stages and cheer on all of the riders.

/4/ Lounge under an olive grove at the beach // Croatia: Brela Beach is the gem that offers this level of Mediterranean louging. What makes this shoreline even more enticing is that it can only be reached by boat. I imagine packing a picnic of figs, cheese, and fresh bread with a bottle of wine and spending the afternoon soaking in the sunshine with my love.

/5/ Witness the Northern Lights // Norway: I've always hoped that one day I would marvel at this beautiful phenomenon. I mean really, watching extraordinary colors dancing across the night sky sounds kind of incredible.

Ohh, the excitement.. be still my wanderlust heart. What about all of you, friends? Any European adventures that you've dreamed of taking or have already taken? I'd love to hear what your dreams are or experiences have been. xo

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Allie said...

oh boy do i love this! perhaps when you move to switzerland these wanderlusts can become a reality!!

Unknown said...

such wonderful adventures! seeing the northern lights is on my list as well. fingers crossed I get there within the year!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i've always wanted to see the northern lights, you'll probably get to first.

tell me all about it, k?

Hima said...

You make me want to move in with you if you're going to go to all these places! Would you mind terribly, if I put all of these on my bucket list? I love watching cycling, and it sucks that they don't broadcast it in the US.
Have you heard of the Bull Run in Spain? I think you'd like that!


Cassandra said...

What amazing travels you have had! I need to be apart of that tomato fight... Witnessing the Northern lights is something I've always felt I wanted to do. I don't have any European adventures to share with you! BUT I would love to go to London and see the Peter Pan statues? I was infatuated with Peter pan as a child and hear of his statues there at a young age. I would LOVE to see them.

Ma Belle Paris said...

One day I hope to do the same, seeing the Northern Lights would be so wonderful. Thanks for sharing these words :)

Lena said...

This guest post was way fun, but I'm ready for some in person fun (like searching for your lost dogs or just sipping wine on my bed over several hours). You're coming home soon, so let's do that like ASAP!!!