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Wednesday, August 8
Guys... I'm having a very difficult time with this. 
You know how after a vacation you're sad to leave but excited to get back home? Those feelings did not exist this time around. Like zero. Not at all. I could have camped in the wild forests of Maine for the rest of my life. 
No lie. 
The only redeeming thing about coming back to Georgia is that I got to learn stick shift. *and yes I completely owned it* But even with my bad A stick shift skills all I wanted to do was scream. If you can't tell, Georgia is not the place I want to be. And if it's not painfully obvious, I am completely obsessed with Maine.
So anyway, I'm going to go now and give myself a pep talk. Something about how I can survive the year until we move to Oregon. And then remind myself that I'm not a starving child and life could be worse. And then feel guilty. And then wish I was in Maine all over again.


Felicia said...

I totally know what you mean! I love spending time in the forest, wish I could spend all my time in it! The beauty of Utah is there are mountains everywhere you look so it means adventure is just around the corner any day of the year :) That sweet you are moving to Oregon!

Stephanie said...

Maine sounds amazing! And trust me, I know how it feels to be living somewhere that you despise...hang in there though, you'll be in Oregon before you know it! :)

Bev said...

I'm sorry friend... just know that NOBODY ever likes to come back from vacay... reality isn't always the easiest thing to adjust to... so give yourself some slack and some time.

Oregon will be awaiting for ya' and I hope with great weather for you to hike with the doggie and explore the trails! that should perk you up!


Bret said...

Oregon will be wonderful! and Maine is always the best. Maine and Vermont are my only refuges up here.
xo bhrett

Unknown said...

I completely know what you mean. Oregon is only a year away!
Find happiness in your memories from the trip. Besides, learning stick makes you a certified BAMF. Pretty awesome.

LG said...

ooo i'm so jealous of your trip. as i've already mentioned, acadia is high on my list of places i need see. i leave on saturday for a week, and i know i'll come home feeling the same exact way. downstate new york is not where i want to be! somehow i missed the memo about you moving to oregon previously -- how freekin' exciting!

Unknown said...

I hope you find not being in Maine to be sad for too long! On the plus side (for me) it's always so much fun to hear about other people who enjoy camping and the great outdoors! I try to get my friends into these kinds of things but they'd rather stay in a lovely holiday house or hotel somewhere in complete luxury. As fun as that is, I really like camping, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one! :P

Good luck with the sad end-of-holiday feelings! Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

Jessie said...

I didn't know you guys planned on moving to Oregon! That's awesome. I haven't been there yet, or Maine. Both places I want to see. I dream of moving to California or Utah everyday. LOL