The Universe Doesn't Want Me to Run


July 12, 2012
Really? Really world? I'm trying to run. Can't you support my healthy choices? Apparently you want me to get fat and I don't appreciate it. 

I rolled my ankle again!

I know that doesn't sound all that bad but it is. Oh it is. See when I played soccer in high school I rolled my ankles pretty constantly. I was one of those really dumb people who would never let themselves heal and just jump back in. Now I'm paying for it. A couple years back a doctor told me that if I rolled my ankle again I would have to have surgery. Want to know what happened? I rolled it again... and again. What about the surgery, you ask? I'm avoiding it, like the plague.

I haven't really rolled my ankle in a couple years. Until now. Stupid ankle, why do we need them anyway? They're more of a liability. I just want to get back in shape and stop feeling like a fat lard butt! 

End of rant.


Unknown said...

That really sucks. If you feel like taking my advice though - have the surgery!!! I guess America's health system makes life tough (it's much cheaper over in the land of oz), but it will make such a difference! I unintentionally avoided surgery for a long long time for knee problems. The feeling at the end of rehab when your joint isn't always sore and swollen and doing silly things is amazing. And you'll be able to run again :P So, so worth it! :D

Either way though, I hope it's better soon! Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

Allie said...

awww i hope it gets better! if it makes you feel better i dont have a rolled ankle and i havent gone for a run in months. oops.

Unknown said...

Oh man that sucks!! I rarely get the chance to work out so I started doing The Atkins Diet. Lowcarb which is a bummer but I found a bunch of websites that have mock recipes where you can make low carb food that tastes like stuff like pizza and pancakes and such..Already lost 10 pounds in a little over a month! I hope you start feeling better!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Keep Calm and Never Run.

I just made that up, for both of us.

Christian said...

its good to run :)

my blog :

greetings from hong kong.

╰╮o( ̄▽ ̄///)


Kristin W said...

NO! That's awful! I used to think my ankles were prone to rolling (so I avoid trail running), but that is intense. So sorry :(

The Egg said...

get that shiz looked at before you are OLD and have even worse problems. its better to have surgery'll bounce back a lot better.
atleast go to a doctor!!
and get a road bike, i did when i broke my back and it kept me in shape.

Catherine Fishback said...

I totally feel your frustration! My knee gives out every time I run and it is incredibly frustrating. Good luck!


Anna said...

oh man, i feel ya. Whenever i try to run I always hurt myself or it starts to rain or something that makes me stop. Hope your ankle gets better!!!