Hike Inn: Part Deux


July 16, 2012
I bet you thought I was done talking about the Hike Inn. 
Well, I'm not. Almost, but no. 
Actually, I'm not really even going to talk about the Hike Inn. Instead I'm going to throw pictures at you from our hike out.
We met up with this handsome man on our way out. Lucky us. 
Oh yea... and this adorable pup too. Didn't know dogs could rock a hammock? My dog can. 
I'm so proud.
So we hiked back from the Hike Inn via the Approach trail. Since Rion had to work the night before, he couldn't join us on our epic excursion. Poor him. But he did meet us on our hike back with these two cute pups. Colby is obviously a skilled hiker, what with her hammock abilities and what not. Lady, my mom's dog, actually got in the water, which is a big feat. A momentous day for sure.

It was so refreshing to be with my mom and to be on a hike. Will someone pay me to hike for them? I can take pictures and you can take all the credit. I swear that's a fair deal right?
I won't hold my breathe.


Unknown said...

So cool! This place looks lovely, and your dog is far too cute.

April said...

So glad you guys had a good time!

Bev said...

GORGEOUS shots young lady!! I love the pup in the hammock!! My fave ;)

Unknown said...


Catherine Fishback said...

Those are some adorable (and tired) pups. Looks like fun!

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