Things I've Learned: Mom Edition


May 10, 2012
Hey. You know that lady that birthed you? Yea the one that went through horrific agony to bring you into this world. Don't forget to celebrate her.
This is the lady that I get to call Mom.
 Yea... she's pretty cool.
 I get to go on adventures with her.
 She raised me on a river. *note: that is not me, it is my brother, but isn't that just an awesome face? Yup our childhood=awesome.
And she's done this at least one time in her life. Bad A? I think yes.
Anyhoo, throughout my life I have learned that I am lucky to have a mom as awesome as this lady. She has raised me to love the outdoors and love others unconditionally. We are so close and it breaks my heart to be 14 hours away from her. I mean when you have a mom this cool, you kind of want to live next to her. I miss our adventures and I miss cuddling up on the bed with her, but I know it will happen again for us. Seasons of life. Poo.
So whoever you consider to be your mom, biological or otherwise, give her a call, she deserves it.


Amanda said...

Your mom really does sound awesome. I also really love that you did a post like this.

Megan said...

Your mom looks awesome!! :)

Melinda Jo said...

Thats the best thing a Mom could hear. I'm so blessed to have you in my life. You and Andy are both my greatest gifts.
Love you Kelley Jo <3 xoxo

Leila said...

HOLY HOT MAMA! your mom seems so cool, what a great post! It looks like you had a pretty incredible childhood with her. :)