Erry Day I'm Gardening


May 8, 2012
Spring means a lot of things: a panic to get back in shape, allergy attacks, outdoor adventures... but it also means fresh produce! Woot woot! This will be the second year for Rion and my garden. Last year we tilled up a 20x8 foot hand. It was terrible. And it took about 2 weeks. This time around it took about a half an hour! Hooray to good soil.
This is what our garden looked like before we loved on it. Over the winter we had covered it up with hay and newspaper to keep the soil in good condition. About 2 weeks ago, we uncovered it and let it breathe.
Post-love garden. Awe.some.
We had tried some transplants last year and they didn't really work out that well, so we decided to plant straight from seeds. We planted: corn, beans, squash, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, strawberries, peanuts, okra, tomatoes, cilantro, and basil. 
From the picture up there you can see we planted the corns, beans, and squash in a circle together- this is called the Three Sisters method. It is the way many Native Americans grew these staple crops because the beans could climb up the corn as well as provide shade for the squash. Win win. I think they knew what they were doing.
Rion also made a hop trellis for his hops that he planted. Can you say freshly-hopped beers? Yum.
I'll keep you updated on our goodies as they grow!


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

you and your green thumbs. good job. All your hard work will totally pay off, so long as I don't come and steal all of your loot. (bet you didn't know you had a pirate garden, huh.. I didn't either until that sentence)

Megan said...

How awesome! I used to have a garden at my parent's house and loved tending to it, but now that I'm in an apartment I just have a small patio to work with so I just have a few small potted plants. Can't wait to see what you harvest!

Bev said...

ohhhhh look at you guys!! work it with your gardening skills! I wish I had a green thumb... but then again, I'm in an apartment so I'll enjoy the complex flowers for now! But to have fresh veggies from your OWN garden is going to feel amazing and save you guys cash-ola!! I love your map too! Looks similar to my map of the reception tent for my wedding LOL... the sketching of course and tables instead of strawberries and okra ;)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

omg. i kill anything that requires water.

it's not good.

ShyScout said...

What an incredible garden - wow! I love the sound of the Three Sisters Method, such a great idea. Best of luck with your garden :]