Things I've Learned: Don't Mess with Cops


April 26, 2012
Dear police, I don't want it to be like this.
 I want it to be like this.
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I have learned that cops are just naturally attracted to me. Blue and red lights are a common sight in my rear view mirror. Why is that, you might ask- do you speed, swerve, tailgate, or break any road safety violations? No my friends, I don't. Well... not usually.
No, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) cops seem to like to pull me over and then simply let me go. Why cops, why?
One time a cop actually made me do a sobriety test on the side of a busy road. I had been the DD for the night. So I was definitely sober. In fact, there was no indication otherwise, but he still made me do the test in front of all the cars passing by. Talk about embarrassing. I was also the only driver during our epic road trip to be pulled over. Guess what happened. He looked at my license and then let me go. What?! When does that happen?
Anyway, the point is that I'm paranoid to the millionth degree now. I convince myself that cops are following me and that I'm going to get a ticket even though I've done nothing wrong. I swear I'm not schizophrenic. 
So, police: let's go back to being friends okay?


Amanda said...

I was driving behind a cop car once, going the with the flow of traffic, when he suddenly changed lanes slammed on his brakes got behind me and pulled me over only to talk to me for a little bit about where I was going look at my license and let me go. Talk about bizarre. I hope the cops stop pulling you over constantly because it is no fun, even when you haven't done anything wrong.

Danie at Pasadya said...

Ooooh my gosh! HOW TERRIBLE! I think I'd just end up crying or something. Overly emotional, you know.

@Amanda: How weird! What's up with him?

AVY said...

Sounds a bit scary.

/ Avy

Megan said...

Maybe it's because they think you're cute and just want to pull you over to see more of you? :)

I have only been pulled over twice (knock on wood) and once was late at night coming home from a friend's house... I got pulled over in front of a bar as everyone was leaving. I had a crowd watching as the cop just told me I had a headlight out... so embarrassing.

Momma said...

um, Kelley Jo, maybe it's because the "jersey" in you comes out when you drive? Just sayin

bonbon said...

I just found your blog through the do something good link up and am just getting around to commenting! Totally feel you on the cops hating you! I once got two speeding tickets within 20 minutes from two different cops. And I NEVER get let off with a warning. Never ever ever. Sometimes they just have it out for us!

new follower :)

his_girl_friday said...

I hope you and police become friends really soon! Rearview mirror stress is no good.

Cassie @ Witty Title Here said...

What I hate most of all about cops is the abuse of power. I know there are a lot of good cops out there, but the bad ones really ruin it for the rest of them. Turning on their lights just so they can pass you (and the rest of traffic), pulling you over just because they're bored... not to mention treating you like crap in the process!