5 Reasons Why Summer Rocks


April 30, 2012
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Yes, people it is officially summer time! Woot woot! That means that I will actually have a life. A LIFE! No, I have not forgotten what that means. I dream of a summer filled with sunshine, camping trips, water hole diving, and lots of friend time. 
Honestly it just feels nice to have free time. Seriously. I came home from work today and I didn't have to rush to do homework before class. This is like a normal person's life! I have a lot of plans for DIY fun, so stay tuned for that. Do it. 
Am I alone or are you guys joining in my celebration of life?

Ps: don't you guys want to be in these pictures--especially the last one?


Bev said...

I totes wanna lay on the grass and hold up a sparkler... even if it's on my own and I'm not part of a circle LOL. LOVE summer time!! Even if I'm working... there's just something about being summer that changes the whole mood!!

Can't wait to be done with dissertation so I can have a taste of what it's like to be "normal"... hopefully it'll be this summer before I take off to get married :)

Can't wait to see your DIY projects when you get on and poppin' with em!!

Happy Monday friend!

Jazz said...

My favorite thing about summer is that sweet smell in the air, nothing beats it. Especially when you're driving at night with the windows down...

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Get Lena, we're going to do all of those things THIS SUMMER. k. good.

Sadie Dear said...

I totally want to be in that swimming hole! The humidity kills me: I don't mind the heat, otherwise. I like the sparkler picture best!

The Adventurer said...

WOOHOO!!! I am so pumped for you sweet friend. Lay in the grass, drink a few beers, and maybe (just maybe) eat a cupcake. Or 5.

Unknown said...

Um. YES I want to be in those pictures! That last one is epic but I kind of want to be laying out on the beach in a gingham dress with those vintage ladies too : ) Kind of excited about your upcoming DIYs!

Courtney B said...

Woo hoo! YAY for summer! And having a life :)
And yes, I want to DIVE into that last picture!

Anonymous said...

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