My Obsession!


February 22, 2012

Before we go any further in our blog relationship, you guys must know something about me... I'm obsessed with tattoos. Yes, that is my deep, dark secret (shameful I know). Ever since I got my first tattoo at age 17 there's been no going back, even at the expense of my mother's stress levels (love you mom). 
Luckily I have found a man who shares the same wonderful passion! This has kind of developed into a 'get a tattoo during any meaningful event' kind of thing. You know, it's just the ol' honeymoon tattoo or christmas tattoo. That's normal right?
A huge part of my tattooing process is that I put A LOT of thought into all my tattoos. I have four tattoos and three of them have been designed, more or less, by me. The one on my foot is a Sailor Jerry tattoo that I thought about for awhile and just had to have. The tree on my shoulder was actually free-handed on me by a very talented tattoo artist (yes- I was terrified), but I came up with the idea and design. All of my tattoos are very personal, and they should be right? I mean we are spending the rest of our lives together!
This beautiful art print by Norman Duenas is the inspiration for my next baby (and by baby I mean tattoo). The delicate and intricate details combined with the old school style of the compass and anchor are so intriguing. Who wouldn't want this as a tattoo? Okay, probably a lot of people, but I sure do!


Messy said...

I'm the same! I just became addicted about 2 years ago and now I have 6. :/ LOL Just got a new one last weekend. Check out the tattoo section on my blog - everyone has a big meaning. :)
Also Just wanted to let you know I've given you an award over on my blog!



Mary Hone said...

I think that would make an awesome tattoo. I have one tattoo, I could use another though.

The Adventurer said...

GIRL. I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to tattoos. I got my first one last year (its tiny... an arrow - like bow and arrow - up on my right side) and absolutely adore it. I think that they are such pretty reflections of all things we love. When are you getting your next one? I cannot wait to see it!!

Momma said...

rabble rabble

Anonymous said...

Your tattoo sounds so cute! I probably won't be getting my next one for a little while (ya know the whole money thing) but when I do I will definitely post it!

ADmin said...

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