Good Hikes and Good Friends


February 25, 2012

I apologize for the slight absence on my part. 1. It's been a little hectic. 2. We're sickly here at the Spurlock house. But I do remember better days, happier times, in fact it was just last weekend (melodramatic, I know)! Let me tell you why last weekend was glorious: I got out of work early and went on an impromptu hike with the hubs and new friends. GLORIOUS.
We went to a little place called Helton Creek Falls; Rion and my first date was here, it's not special or anything. As you can see Rion found Gandalf's staff and tried to wield his power- it wasn't as successful as we would've hoped. We tried to coax the dogs in the water, and by coax I mean trick, but the water is always freezing here. It's like the origin of the creek is some unknown Georgia glacier. It could happen right?
 Then the dogs frolicked on our hike up Cow Rock, another stop on Rion and my first date (we like these places, can you tell?) Cow Rock is awesome because it's a short hike with great rewards- it's easy to fit into your schedule. We were blessed with the company of some new friends on our hike; good people and good conversation are always a treasure! Bottom-line, this is way better than our current state- gross and sickly (for your consideration I will not provide photo evidence of this). So, I look forward to good hikes and good friends in the future!


Messy said...

So pretty! I love hikes :)

PS: You've been tagged over at my blog, come check it out!!!

The Adventurer said...

I want to go here! How come there are no MOUNTAINS in Texas? Sigh. So, lovely, friend!!

Anonymous said...

@Messy: Thank you so much girl that was so sweet of you!

@The Adventurer: Come to Georgia! You can have all the mountains you want here!

Anonymous said...
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