A Little Music Anyone?


February 13, 2012

When I have to endure a very long and painful night of studying (and by that I mean every night) it soothes my soul to listen to a little music. I've always been a fan of big band jazz, but I never feel like the music is completely enjoyed unless it's on a record player. The record player was made for that kind of music!
Luckily I am an awesome wife and bought this record player as a Christmas gift for Rion last year (obviously it was a completely selfless act).
Now, the Satchmo can be heard belting out of our little record player- and a smile can be seen on my face in spite of the pile of homework that promises to suffocate me. Who knows, maybe an impromptu dance may come out of this!


ZoƩ said...

Wow! Gorgeous Photos... and I love Louis Armstrong! <3

Unknown said...

I love old records, my husband and I collect them. I avoid work while listening to records too, but meh it's ok if the music is sweet and it get's you dancing. Party on girlie.

Mary Hone said...

Love that record player. I'm stopping to say hi from Musings. I'll follow you in bloglovin so I can be part of your brand new blog. Welcome!!!!

The Adventurer said...

I think that most things (or everything!) sounds better on vinyl! What a perfect study friend you have :) She is beautiful!!

On The Adventure

Unknown said...

Ha you are OBVIOUSLY a very selfless creature : ) I never really understood the record player fad until my boyfriend put his in my apartment. Um, hooked.

Found you from Lena's blog. She seems like a sweetie. And it's nice to meet you too!


Janette said...

Oh oh oh! Thanks for reminding me I have a record player! TOOOTALLY forgot.. I think I'm overdue for some Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack or some Bach.. Must convince my husband to dig it out of the woodwork and set it up for us.. I think that's how I'm going to spend my Saturday!
Happy weekend!

Janette, the Jongleur