Shall We Start Off with Some Beer?


February 11, 2012

It seems to me that the first post on a new blog is the hardest post. How do you bridge the awkward gap of nothing to something? Since blogs in general (especially mine) are personal, then I can't just jump into it. I have to introduce myself in some form (at least I've convinced myself that I do). I think that an interesting way of getting to know someone is by sharing random facts about yourself- I guess that's where I'll start.
So if you read my "about me" than you know a little bit of our background story. What I failed to mention is that we are beer junkies- well Rion is a beer junky and I'm one in the making.We have future dreams of owning a microbrewery that also serves farm-to-table food. Honestly, with each day that goes by I feel like we are getting closer and closer to that dream. Rion has such an incredible talent for brewing beers, and I have a passion for local and organic food. Makes sense, right?
Today we took one more step toward our goal by picking up a huge piece of Rion's new brew set up. His stepdad welded a frame for the brewing equipment, which will make the process much more efficient. It was also a big day because we actually had a day off together (this NEVER happens). Of course that means we must celebrate- and celebrate we did. 
We tried out Anchor Brewing Company's barley wine, Old Foghorn. With a good brew in hand we snuggled up on the couch, watched some 30 Rock, and listened to the wind outside! Can it get better than that?


Unknown said...

YUM. I kind of wish we were best friends so I could taste all of your beer. And because you're probably really awesome.

I've always wanted to brew my own beer. Eventually I'll be able to mark it off of my list... But until then I'll just read about how awesome you guys are at brewing it : )

Sierra said...

Oh man. I love beer. There was a great brewery in the town where I went to college, but now that I have graduated and moved east I am seriously going through withdrawals. I must find a new brewery asap. Maybe I will have to take a road trip to visit yours once it opens :)