A Little Adventure


February 17, 2012

Okay, this may not be an "adventure" per-say, but lately Rion and I haven't been able to do fun little things like this, so it feels like an adventure. Sometimes I have to subdue my obsession with traveling with fun little random activities-it keeps me sane. Another reason I want to call it an adventure is because I want to have something under my adventure labels (don't hate).
 This past Wednesday was one of the first Speakeasy Wednesday nights at our local Holly Theater. Speakeasy Wednesday is a night to highlight local musicians and artists, and our friend Josh was one of the musicians! It was the biggest turnout for the event thus far (it was all Josh) and it was so refreshing!
Full time job+full time school=no life. So for once I felt like I had a life! The venue was so adorable, with single-bulb drop-down lights and colorful balloons it had to be a good night! Josh performed songs from his music project, Floorboard Songs, accompanied by an incredibly talented violist. Live music can just bring your soul back to life, especially when it's coming from a good friend.
There was also a featured artist there who displayed his artwork in a quasi-gallery. Awkwardly enough, this artist happened to be my previous landlord who has still not returned my deposit almost a year later. I didn't ruin the night by confronting him, but I was seriously tempted. I should have at least got a painting for free, right?
Anyhoo... what I'm trying to say is I feel rejuvenated. I've decided that no matter how overwhelmed I may be I still want to make time for little adventures. That's really what life is made of anyway!


Jessa said...

You have a lot of will power not to have confronted him! It also shows that you are a better person than he and I hope your kindness eats him up with guilt! haha What a beautiful and fun night you had!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

Unknown said...

Agreed. You should've gotten a free painting!! I also agree that this deserves to be called a mini-adventure. I want to hug all of those balloons!

Lena said...

Holly Theatre represent!!! Sad I missed the viola..
Should be studying right now, but creeping your blog instead.

The Adventurer said...

Hi, I think you were speaking directly into my soul!! Its amazing what just a little acoustic guitar and tambourine can do to lift you spirits. Oh and a harmonica... I'm a sucker for a good harmonica.

This looks pretty spectacular, friend. I am so glad that you had an adventure (and it is most certainly is one!).