That Time I Moved Cross-Country--as Seen by My Instagram


 A glimpse at the mountains in the never-ending state that is Virginia.
 The ugly made beautiful.
 Hanging with the presidents.
 A menacing storm.
 Grilled. Cheese. Truck.
Our new home.

It was a long (85hrs of driving) journey. 
And I'm so glad we're somewhere that we can call home.


Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Oh! I see the "M". I've spent some time around Missoula when my husband and I were first dating (he was living there). If you want some info for fun stuff to do, I'd love to give suggestions!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely!

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Gentri said...

So exciting! I've always wanted to see Mt Rushmore, I'm jealous! Montana is MUCH closer to Utah, we may need to arrange a meetup!

petal and plume said...

how gorgeous! congratulations! all the best to you at this exciting time!

Little Tranquility said...

Beautiful! I moved from Wisconsin to Virginia, then Virginia back to Wisconsin, then Wisconsin to Washington! Haha the drive is always amazing, our country truly has some breathtaking scenery!