Apartment Glimpses


We rolled into Missoula at 7AM on a Saturday morning, and by 3PM that day we had signed a lease for an apartment. Call us hasty, call us foolish, call us whatever you want, but we officially live in downtown Missoula!
A bike path passes right by our apartment, and we can bike to just about everything. Farmer's markets, an amazing dog park (which will have its own post), church, pretty much anything that was ever important, ever!
We can even bike to trailheads that lead to scenic hikes. 
I'm pretty sure this is what Heaven is like.


Candace said...

Welcome to Montana:)

Valentina Duracinsky said...

sweet little pictures...

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Unknown said...

This place sounds so perfect for you guys! I'm so excited to see more of your new home and the area that surrounds it. Yippee!

petal and plume said...

lovely! your blog is fantastic