LOTM: Beautified


Lovers of the LOTM, I know what you've been waiting for. You've probably been reading our posts for the last couple of months and thought... clearly these ladies need to give us some beauty tips.
So here we go.

1. Work what you've got girl!
There is way too much propaganda in our society that tells us how to look better, look different, and be beautiful.
Well guess what chikipoo? You ARE beautiful! You don't need to look different or look like somebody else because that's lame. You are already a beautiful lady that has a lot to work. So... work it girl!

That is the only beauty tip I have for you. 

But... if you want to try some amazing products that make you feel like the diva you already are check out Perfectly Posh! Want to know my favorite?

Sugar Lip Scrubs baby!! WOOP!
If you want to walk around all day with smooth lips that smell like peaches (which clearly you do because only a crazy person would say no to that) than you have to try the Oh, Peaches!
I'm currently wearing it and I'm pretty sure my lips have never felt better.
Check out what the other ladies had to say:
Chelsea (guest blogger)


Gentri said...

peaches are my favorite, so I'd be ok with that. :)

The Adventurer said...

BAH - look at you being all empowering. ROCK IT GIRL!