That Time I Had Two Christmases


So I definitely scheduled these babies out ahead of time because, come on... who is going to post on their blog whilst reuniting with their best friend in Switzerland. Who!? Not this girl.

So now I'm going to catch you up on my life! This is an exciting time for you, I know.

I'll start with the fact that this year I had two Christmases. I already shared with you the snowy one, now comes the oyster one. That's right friends, an oystery Christmas it was.
This was a new Christmas tradition for me, and I think it's one I want to keep around for awhile. Just hanging with Rion's family and eating oysters... who could ask for a better celebration?


Niken said...

double celebration means double fun, isn't it?

The Adventurer said...

Bah - I love this. OYSTERY CHRISTMAS?


Sea and Salt said...

I luuurrrvvve oysters! Seafood Christmas is pretty common in my neck of the woods. Glad it is a new thing for you too :)

Bella xx