LOTM: I'm Dreaming


LOTM up in the hizzouse! What up!

Y'all it's that time of the week... I know you've been counting down the days until we post again. And this time we've all been dreaming! Dreaming about the best hike in all the land, of course. Trust me this dream won't disappoint.

Peoples of blogland, say hello to the Cordillera Apolobamba in Bolivia.
BOOM baby!
The Cordillera is located right next to the Peruvian border, and is the home to Andean condors, herds of vicuñas (related to alpacas), and an endangered speckled bear. There are Inca ruins, ancient waterfalls, abandoned gold mines, hot springs, AND El Dorado is guessed to be located around here. 
Holy geez guys! El Do-freaking-rado! 
I mean if that doesn't do it for you I'm pretty sure nothing ever will... ever... so give up. Or go on this hike. And while you're going, you should just go ahead and take me. I'm pretty sure I would consider being an indentured servant for this trail.
Think you'd miss your cozy bed too much? Well first, suck it up, and second, it's only a week so you won't be gone for long. 

Sound perfect? Sound like this would fulfill all of your hiking needs? I know. But don't forget to check out the other ladies' trails! You've got plenty more hiking ahead of you!
and Katie (guest blogger)


Anonymous said...

I wanna go!! I wanna go!! Take me with you. Or, let's start planning an amazing trip, shall we!?!

I hope you're enjoying yourself in Switzerland, my friend. xx

Gentri said...

Eldorado?! That's amaaazing!! Go find it, Kelley!!

Faith said...

That's so funny I was just looking up this hike because me and my dad want to take a trip to somewhere awesome this month (he lives in south america). I think we're going to do something along the inca trail instead though! It just makes me realize how many amazing places there are to hike... it either makes me sad because I know I won't be able to hike all of them, but it also makes me really happy because I'll never run out of awesome places to see!

Lublyou said...

oh my! this one sounds like so much fun! I wanna go, too!

sweet harvest moon said...

Sounds amazing!

The Adventurer said...

YES!! I am coming, okay? Don't tell me I can't because regardless of what you say I'm coming. The end.

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Oh my goodness. Take me here!!! So beautiful.
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