The Tattoo Itch... Scratched


So you guys might be wondering why I said here that my weekend was going to be awesome. 
Almost two weeks ago.
And then never said anything about it.
My bad guys. My bad.
 Well Rion and I finally scratched our most recent tattoo itch (this happens pretty often for us). We were talking about how much we both wanted to get our next tattoo. And I was all why not this weekend? And he was all... yea. And then we got excited and danced around.
 And then this happened.
I just about peed when I saw the end result.

It is exactly the style of tattoo that I love! Black and grey, and detailed. The tattoo artist, Josh, was the same guy that did my Sailor Jerry tattoo on my foot. He's pretty awesome. So to all my Georgia peeps- if you live near Athens, go to Walk the Line and get the most badass tattoo of your life.

What tattoos are you dying to get?


Kristin W said...

YOU BETTER STOP!!! I am talking to a high school classmate who works at Walk The Line to draw up and do my next tattoo! And I am HOPING that we'll go down for Athens for Thanksgiving, so I can get the drawing up and going. If not, I'll have to wait until December just to get it drawn.

Yours is awesome! And I'm so jealous!

Messy said...

OMG...what tattoo am I NOT dying to get. I have about 6 on the list...just can't decide which one should be first!
Looks awesome!


Leila said...

BEAUTIFUL! Dang, girl, that looks fantastic. :D

I want to get a tattoo SO BADLY, but I'm torn because I'm technically not supposed to in my religion. :[ What is that nonsense, ahhhh... If I cave and decide to in the future, I want "resist" written on my inner upper arm.

Anonymous said...

When I was young I really wanted tattoos and then when I was old enough to get one without my parents' permission, I chickened right out and I still haven't been brave enough.

Yours is lovely. Good on ya for toughing through that pain. Eeep.

Tonya said...

I love it! I'm getting my first tattoo and I'm debating getting a rose on my shoulder or a quote from the Great Gatsby on my collar bone but I heard those hurt a lot! Love the blog by the way :D

kayla said...

how beautiful! i only have 1 little tattoo on my inner left wrist which holds a very special meaning to me. i never thought i would want to get another one (im not good for pain, big baby i am!) but lately i have found myself really wanting another!! yours came out just lovely!

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Love it!

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

THAT IS AWESOME. I wish I was as cool as you. I can't pull 'em off.
Love the tattoo.
Love YOU. and your blog.

Oh, Just Living the Dream

Eden Marie said...

it's so pretty! love it!

Melanie said...

Wow that's pretty!! I want to get one so bad, I just gotta figure out where...