Some snapshots from two weekends ago. You know, the awesome weekend? 

Well Rion and I got a whole weekend together! A whole weekend people. That literally never happens. Usually we barely get a night together, so it was pretty special. Plus, my boss bought us a room at the Amicalola State Park Lodge... just because. Why yes I do have a flipping amazing boss. That last picture was the view from our room. Boom.

So welcome to just a little bit of my awesome weekend.

*side note to all my beer snob friends: those paper cups were all that was available to us so don't judge.


Unknown said...

glad you got to spend some time together! I love time with my husband. oh, and that beer sounds delicious.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that does sound like an awesome weekend. Your boss is amazing and should give lessons to other bosses. I'm just saying.

Yelle said...

Snapshots from your life and everyday moments look so gorgeous! You make a simple day look spectacular. I too rarely have a whole weekend with my guy - and that was so very awesome of your boss to treat you to a room at a state park! I'm so happy to have found our blog! Newest follower here :)

Kristin W said...

Love. All of these great shots of fabulous places in Athens makes me smile! (Although I've never been to 5 Points Growlers since it opened after we moved). Such a great weekend :)

The Adventurer said...

Ah - so pumped for you guys.

Beer. Mountains. That bike. The lumberjack/jeans salesman.