Inspire Me


Let's be honest. Advanced grammar and managerial duties are just not that inspiring. Who would have thought? So that means I'm looking outwards for my inspiration, and my sights just happen to set on the mountains. So out of character right? I'm dreaming of long hikes, campfires, and silence. Silence--away from the customers that sometimes I swear just don't have a brain. Waitresses- can I get an amen?
I'm also looking towards photography in general. I'm really itching to use my camera and develop my style. My teachers will understand if I just focus on photography instead of homework, right? I'll tell them it's my calling, I'm sure it will go over well.

Where do you guys find your inspiration?


Sophie said...

I love the pictures<3 i find inspiration in people, in pieces of writings, in certain quotes, in the colors of Falls or emerald green eyes,in the mystery of love, or the beauty of grace, in the thought of far away places and the closeness of those friends that are just a phone call away.

kayla said...

i agree with soph!! i find inspiration through writing mostly, and pictures. im sure your professors will be totally fine with photography being your calling haha :)

Rhubarbarians said...

ooooooh that umbrella is awesome. And I adore that pic of the boots and flowers. :)
I'm new to taking photos, but my inspiration is definitely anything seasonal, especially outside. It's just so festive and gorgeous!

Tamber said...

I've found a lot of inspiration from random interactions with people. I can be sort of shy at times so striking up a convo with someone who's doing something I admire can be intimidating sometimes, but I always get some kind of gem of knowledge/inspiration from it.

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Love the pictures. My inspiration comes from just going out and venturing to see what I can find. I love to share it with everyone.