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The Vespers should be big y'all, they should be big. They put me in a good mood. You know one of those moods? The ones where you really want to dance, but you just tap your foot. And then it about 2.5 seconds your dancing like a crazed child. You know you think you're dancing great and totally keeping rhythm, but you really look like one of those crazy man balloons at the car dealerships.

Or is that just me?

Well if you can dance you should totally be dancing to this, and if you can't you can embarrass everyone else by dancing anyway. Dance like no one is watching, right? I am well practiced at that.

They are pretty cool and they can play the banjo- which of course puts them on the top of my list. But girls in bands are going to be on the top of my list anyway. I love them because they're doing what I would want to do, only if I sang and played banjo people would scream... and ears might bleed. So I'll just let them do their thing.


kayla said...

ohhh i love this, thanks for sharing!!

Messy said... them!!! Just downloaded a whole bunch of their songs!

Meghan said...

Wow I love them! I have this secret dream of being a fiddler in a bluegrass band, except I'm not musically at all. Maybe we can start a terrible wannabe folk band together?

Taylor Morgan said...

VEry fun! I love watching street performers :)

Hima said...

They're sooo good :) Learning to play the banjo is on my bucket list! Oh yeah, and my good hasn't stopped tapping yet...the video's over :)


Rhubarbarians said...

oooooh this band is awesome! Definitely had me tappin my foot at my desk at work. :)