Today I'm Thinking About Oregon


I can't help but day dreaming about the future. Right now Oregon seems so far off, but the next 10 months are going to fly by.
 Then we will live in a land where I can snowboard again.
We will live somewhere where I can ride my bike to work (hopefully).
I will be able to drive a couple of hours and frolic in the Redwoods.
Most importantly, we will be living somewhere different.
I just can't seem to stifle this gypsy heart of mine.

Anyone else have the itch?



kayla said...

wow that sounds perfect! what beautiful pictures :)

Anonymous said...

If I stay in a place longer than 8 months I get the itch BIG TIME. I've been in Jasper 10 months now and I've been squirming for a little while already. I've promised the boyfriend (who is less of a wandering vagabond than me) that I'll stick it out for one more year. I think by that time it will feel like I have chicken pox. But, then again, Jasper is beautiful and there are still lots of adventures to be had.

On another note, I've never had an urge to visit the USA, but since I started reading blogs and looking at pictures of Oregon, I've decided I need to get my butt down there. Holy man does it look gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

Oregon looks beautiful, now to convince my fiance we need to go! :)

Unknown said...

oh, I love it there. I'll be up in Portland in a couple of weeks!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Beautiful! Makes me want to go there as well!

I definitely have an itch to move away too. But I might love my city a bit too much to actually go through with it. We'll see...

Jessie said...

I have the "itch" everyday. LOL BUT I am stuck here in Wyoming for quite awhile. Oh well. I do hope to vacation in Oregon next year. I've never been.

LG said...

oh kel - i got the itch! it's been 3 years since my last big move, when i head out to breckenridge co. i wish my boyfriend was on board for a big move. as of right now, i don't see him ever leaving nyc. however, my horizons are forever changing. time will tell :)

Little Tranquility said...

Oregon is so beautiful, I could totally see myself living there. You're going to have so much fun! Jealousssss!

The Adventurer said...

A. Oregon = Kelley. I can't explain it, but you know what I mean.
B. Get your vagabond heart on over there. 10 months, you so got this.
C. Imagine all of the new beers. JUST IMAGINE.

Unknown said...

UGH I always have the itch. If you would've asked me earlier this year I would have told you we'd be living in a commune in San Francisco (cheapest living I could find! Well, and a new experience). But alas, life had different plans and now I'm just in a new city in Mississippi for the new three years (school). There's always study abroad..?

Love these pictures!

xo, My Billie