I'm Traveling to Switzerland!!


Okay... not really. 
But I am over at Lena's blog today. So it makes me kind of sort of feel like I am. I'm going to be over there in the Swiss Alps talking about my best friend. I know that you are just dying to get over there. I know it. So head over here to see what I have to say.


The Adventurer said...

I almost had a heart attack the size of that whale in the picture on Lena's blog.

But then I calmed down.

((only a little bit though))

Can we just go together?

Unknown said...

Seeing as how I'm just now sitting down to visit all my favorite blogs for the first time in FOREVER, I guess I most definitely will be visiting you over at Lena's blog. Especially since I was gonna be visiting it anyway! Love that picture above! : )

xo, My Billie

Lena said...

You really should travel here. I think you would like it. :)

Anonymous said...

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