Things You Should Know About Nellie!


Wednesday, August 1
Alright people listen up! Because one of my most favorite bloggers is repping the ACT name today.
Guys, Bekuh rocks and so does her dog Nellie. Don't believe me?
Read on, friends, read on.
Hi there A Crooked Trail readers, my name is Bekuh and I blog over at Secondhand Sundays. Your lovely Kelley was one of my very first bloggy friends and I'm honored to be guest posting on her blog while she's vacationing it up in the NE. Today I'm going to talk about my pup Nellie, and her favorite things in life. You may be expecting a giant list of products, and toys but those are just icing on the cake to my Nellie. No, Nellie's favorite things surprised even me and I live with her!

Silly as it may seem I consider Nellie my daughter so making this list was serious business to me. I thought really hard about Nellie and secretly watched her for weeks on end before making this list. We'll start with number 10, working our way to her number one favorite thing E-V-E-R.
10. My great-grandma's crocheted blanket
Nellie has taken to this old family heirloom like a moth to a flame. She is ultra possessive of it and lounges across the back of our sofa making sure the blanket is not too far from her at all times. It kind of makes me happy.
9. Her chicken flavored plastic ring
Ryan and I decided to buy a couple of toys for Nellie when we first brought her home, one of which was a hard plastic ring with lots of ridges and texture. Of all the toys we've bought since then she goes back to this silly little ring again and again. Of course I'm not complaining because it's supposed to be good for her teeth.

8. Car rides
Nellie is a slippery little dog and she's slipped her collar a couple of times and there's only one no fail trick to get her to come back to us, and that's to promise to take her for a ride. I've never seen a dog love a car so much, and enjoy just driving as far as the eye can see. I'm hoping this comes in handy when we take our road trip this September.
7. Worshipping bugs (i.e. slowly torturing them)
I'm not sure if this is just a dog thing, or a Nellie thing, but humor me. Whenever Nellie finds a bug she will pin it to the ground and start rolling all over it, staring at, panting in it's general direction. She flat out worships the bug to death. It is the funniest and strangest behavior I've ever seen.
6. Eating my flip-flops
Nellie is not an ultra destructive dog, but she does have a couple of strange fixations, one of them being my flip-flops. Notice I said my flip-flops because Ryan's (my husband) never seem to get harmed. I've got one pair missing a toe and heel that I take Nellie out in, and one pair lost completely to her already this Summer. She just loves to chew, and chew, and chew, on them. Definitely a favorite thing.
5. Rubbing herself down in freshly cut grass
I can't help but giggle whenever we're walking Nellie and suddenly she throws herself onto someone's yard and starts rolling, and rubbing her sides in their freshly mowed lawn. It's like an uncontrollable impulse. This is one of my favorites.
4. Ice Cubes
We buy Nellie dog treats, and try to feed them too her, but she'd much rather have an ice cube. We discovered her intense love when we ran out of dog treats one time and someone suggested this trick. Well, now it's hard to convince her anything else is a treat worth having.
3. Butt scratches
Some dogs like their bellies rubbed, some like the ears scratched; Nellie likes her butt scratched. She is the most content puppy in the world if you can scratch her butt while she gives you kisses. Weird, I know.
2. Outside
All dogs love the outdoors, but you know a pup has an intense love for the outside when just the word causes her to convulse in excitement. Nellie's butt starts wiggling and her tail beats against the floor, and then suddenly she's running and jumping at the door trying to will it to open. She l-o-v-e-s the outside.
1. Plastic
Plastic is Nellie's one great weakness, she's a complete addict for the hard stuff. Just look at that picture, she looks so guilty (and adorable)! From the moment we brought her home she's eaten up plastic bottles, caps, pens, tape, wrapping, cups, plastic everything. It's her favorite food, and my biggest pet peeve. No animal should consume the amount of plastic Nellie has already in her 1 year of existence.

Well there you have it, my slightly non-traditional list of things our dog loves more than food and water. She's a strange bird our Nellie. big kiss, bekuh


Stephanie said...

What a sweetie! I love the last photo, she looks so silly :) Reading this makes me want a dog even more!

Allie said...

hahaha i LOVE this so much!!! makes me miss my pups!

Lindsay Wright said...

this post is so cute that I actually giggled out loud, I'll never get tired of pet posts!

J.M.E. said...

aw, i love bekuh. and nellie is adorable.

Unknown said...

This is so great!! It's also comforting to know my dog isn't the only dog that treats bugs like that! We'll be giving him a pat and then all of a sudden he'll turn around and jump on a window to catch a fly. It's pretty entertaining. Love this post! So different to the usual and a lot of fun :D Rhi xx

The Wildest of Dreams

Anonymous said...

How adorable is she? :) Cute idea!