How About South America?


Tuesday, July 31
 Surprise! I'm not here! Nope I'm not.
Want to know where I am?
Acadia National Park in Maine. One of the most beautiful places on this planet, in my opinion. I'll be gone for the next week, so I've set up some pretty awesome guest posts for you guys. And by awesome I mean freaking awesome. And by freaking awesome I mean that you're just going to die. 
To kick this baby off, Meagan is here. Meagan is a woman after my own heart. She lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Need I say more? No.
hello ACT readers!  i'm meagan over at The Egg.
while kelley is off on yet another adventure, i'm getting ready for one of my own.
like kelley, travel is a huge part of my life.
i just quit my job (after 4 straight years) and plan on heading down to south america for the next few months.
{mendoza looks.........amazing! via my pinterest}
{drink vinos every day in argentina?  i think i could manage}
argentina is on the top of my list!
i have a lead to work on a vineyard for a few months in Mendoza.
keeping my fingers CROSSED for that gig to work out!
heading abroad alone is scary but super exciting but i'm ready for the challenge.
although i'm a little bummed i'll be missing autumn in my home Jackson Hole,
i'm totally down for two spring seasons in one year.
{i'll miss my amazing aspen trees in the fall}
have any of you traveled to south america?
i'd love to hear suggestions!
head on over to The Egg and say hello.

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Unknown said...

south america is next on my list as well! great post