Birthday Extravaganza 2012!


Get ready for a picture explosion people!
I finally downloaded all my pictures from the past couple weeks, and (just for you) edited them. 
Your welcome. 
 Hey remember that time that I had a birthday? And remember that time Rion planned a surprise extravaganza for me? Well this is IT!
My man just knows me so well. My birthday consisted of backpacking and donuts. Could I ever ask for anything more? No. No I could not.
 So Rion planned a backpacking trip in the deep woods of Tennessee. The trail is called the Fiery Gizzard trail. Oh yea, you heard it right. Apparently it is one of the most difficult yet beautiful trails in Tennessee. Holy poo can I attest to that!
 To be honest, the town that the trail started out in gave Rion and I some major creeps. To give you an idea of what kind of town this was- as Rion and I were packing up our gear and getting ready to head out on the trail, a truck suddenly pulls up. Now there is no reason that this truck should ever need to be on the road we were on. For one, it lead to nowhere, two it was in the middle of nowhere. Basically, this guy had no reason for being there. But, all the same, this old ford truck slowly pulls into the parking lot, circles the lot, and slowly drives past us. The guy driving it is a heavy set guy, overalls, long greasy hair, and stubble on his chin. And get this, he was playing old country music. 
It was basically a scene out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
But don't worry, I had mace and Rion had a knife. I was going to spray and he was going to jab. You don't mess with the Spurlocks. Fortunately no one got jabbed.
 We bathed under the waterfall *yea...we did that* and then hiked out the next day. Then we headed into Chattanooga for some good eatin'. Obviously we found that. This restaurant served only burgers. Delicious gourmet burgers. Oh and what's that above, you ask? That would be a pimento cheese dip.
I died.
Then I died again when we entered Julie Darling's Donuts. Guys, last time we were in the Noog this place was closed and I kind of hyperventilated. So this time around Rion made sure I got my fix.
Best donuts ever.
Best hike ever.
Best birthday ever.
Thanks husband.


Kristin W said...

I'm loving the hammock! I am scared of this trail you speak of though...I was traumatized after backpacking on a trail once (that was certainly not deemed difficult) and I still have nightmares sometimes!
I'm super creeped out by the truck guy too. Those donuts though! What a GREAT birthday :)

Jess May said...

Looks brilliant. I love a good bushwalk but have been pretty slack lately.
P.S I obviously don't pay anywhere near enough attention because I had no idea you were married! My bad!

Allie said...


yes please.

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear the scary dude didn't get you guys and that you had a good birthday!

Jessie said...

You have a keeper, that's for sure!! :) Does sound like the perfect day. That trail is beautiful!!

Unknown said...

what a wonderful birthday! I've found that some of the most beautiful trials start in the most sketchy towns. I think that it is a requirement.

alex said...

Great photos! I really love camping, I haven't done it in so long! (:

The Egg said...

manly drinks sound wonderful!

Karen Agreda said...

Congratulations! I'm presenting you with the Liebster Award! You can pick it up here:

Karen A.

Dorien said...

I would love to do something like that with my boyfriend! Maybe I'll have to plan something like this for his next birthday, I'm sure he would love it. Oh and that's seriously donut heaven!