What Up Blogworld!


June 11, 2012
So you know that feeling when you get back from a trip? You know, you're all relaxed and happy and then you step foot in your door and life punches you in the face? 
If blog emails could overflow out of my computer I'm sure they would. Oh and all those pictures I took on my husband's *cough: my* camera? As I'm uploading them to my computer, evil music started playing out of nowhere and the thought hit me: editing. *someone screams in the distance* Not to mention I haven't visited any of your blogs in a week! A week!! I'm having withdrawals. Oh and I have all that real life stuff too... like food.
What I'm trying to say is that I need to catch up. I need to catch up with you and I need to catch up with me. So if you don't mind, this is all I have to say today. See you tomorrow.


LoveT. said...

Cute :)

Lovely Greetings!

LoveT. said...
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Unknown said...

Yay your back! I missed your posts of awesomeness while you were gone.lol
I hope you had a great trip and just take deep breaths!

Elisha said...

catching up can be stressFULL.. take your time. :)


Allie said...

hahaha take your time is right! we missed you in blogoworld ;-)

Hima said...

Hahaha I know exactly what you mean! Take your time :)


ShyScout said...

Ahahaha. You are adorable! I am in the same boat. I need to eat some food but I have been catching up on comments for the past 3 hours. Ughhhh. I can't wait to see the photos from your trip :]

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

umm, we are the same person tonight. the same.

except for you are probably catching up on important things ... and I am blogging. wait, your blog IS important. sweet, I'm being productive!

Gentri said...

PSH! Seriously, kelley. I can't believe you didn't keep up with your blog while you were on vaca!


We totally get it, and blog emails come last. :) I SERIOUSLY missed your presence in the blog world though!

Unknown said...

lol I hope you rest and enjoy your day! Glad to have you back :)

Brooklyn said...

Hey Kelley!! Just saw your comment on Veggie Table - can't believe you guys brew too! I have to admit, Forrest is waaaay more into it than me and his dream would be to open a brewpub! So excited to find your blog (I've already passed it along to my husband and liked you guys on facebook, ha!) Cheers!