Things I've Learned: I'm Addicted to Moving


May 24, 2012
Hi. My name is Kelley, and I'm addicted to moving. Honestly, I haven't lived in the same building for more than a year in 4 years, and I've lived in 3 different states in the last four years. What's worse is those numbers would be significantly higher if transferring wasn't such a pain in the... butt.
New Jersey
  Charleston, SC
The problem with said moving is the motivation behind it. I grow discontented. I find myself picking out all the flaws of the places that I live, and never rejoicing in the blessings. Bad. However, I never noticed this as a problem until I married Rion. I'm the kind of person that says, let's move and worry about money later. Rion, well, let's just say Rion is not that kind of person. At all. We balance each other out.
Anyhoo, I've had to come to terms with this problem and God is definitely doing all the work for me. Because, let's face it. I'm a mess when it comes to this stuff. All Rion has to say is, maybe we shouldn't move, and I burst into tears. Tears. We're definitely compromising. Let's just say I'm working on it.

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twiggy@thedirtlife said...

oh, the joys of the early years of marriage.

been there, for sure, the bursting-into-tears there, that is.

we lived in charleston for 3 years our first years of marriage. we went to CofC!

katie virginia said...

i completely relate to this! i lived in a different place every year of college with different roommates. and since college i have lived in 2 different states and 5 different cities/homes/apartments. it's actually a little ridiculous! i'm definitely addicted to change. but like you i'm working on it, with God's help. i'm also moving again soon, but i like to think this one is actually a wise choice and not a discontent issue! :)

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I move, I move because my heart is that restless. I live in a stupid house my mom owns/and I am tied to it, until she sells her house in Pennsylvania. I die a little bit when I think of how much I can't just pack up and go. I'm a drifter, and yet.. I can't drift.

I don't know what the crap I'll do when I get married. I'll call you, that's what i'll do.

stefanie hurtado said...

new follower here and i totally relate! restlessness is in my nature and i just NEED to keep moving and experiencing variety of character and culture to be happy.