Going Home


May 25, 2012
Oh yes people. I'm taking New Jersey by storm! Snooki ain't got nothin' on me. Some of my best friends from home graduated this past week. Is it painful that I still have 1 year of school left? Yes. Am I going to celebrate the crap out of their graduation anyway. Totally.
Of course for any trip there must be good music at hand. I'm feeling like Matthew and the Atlas is the band to get me through the plane ride. Listen. You will not be sorry.
Told you.
Jersey, here I come.


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

You just keep forgetting to take me on all these adventures. FOR ONE? your wedding. fail.

I will let Jersey slide though. I will.

Have so much fun! A year, it will pass by so quickly.

Britta Marie said...

Jealous! Have a bagel for me :)

Gentri said...

aaaaaaaaaaand that song just made my heart flutter... amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!! Have a great, fun, and safe trip!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I do believe this song could make a plane ride go by in a flash. Enjoy Jersey!

A and B said...

Love that band! Never heard of them but so glad I have now!