A Wonderful Suprise!


April 6, 2012
 Mom + Kelley= happiness. It's true. 
My mom and her boyfriend came down from New Jersey to visit Rion and I for Easter. Let me tell you, this girl is just the luckiest girl there ever was. My mom let out that she had a surprise for me, which is totally torture to know about a surprise ahead of time. Of course I reverted to nagging her ear off, but she willfully withheld. Props to mom. Well, she arrived and handed this little package over to me (ignore the name on the package- long story).
 Remember that little Etsy post I did awhile ago? Yes folks, my mom is cool enough to have found that dress and ordered it for me! Did I mention that I am the luckiest girl in all the land? It's not only the fact that I was sincerely drooling over this dress at a distance (a financial distance), and so I'm elated to own it. It's also the fact that my mom went out of her way to- 1. read my blog 2. find the dress that I liked and 3. order it for me and bring it to me. Such a thoughtful gift!
 Of course, the dress is only the minor excitement in the overall excitement of getting to see my mom. It could only have been better if my brother was able to be here. I'm lucky enough to have an amazing family that I love to be around!
Our first night together was a total success which included: scrumptious pizza and garlic rolls, delicious hand-crafted beer, bonfires, and good conversation.
Life is good my friends!


Gentri said...

Oh Kelley!! You look GORGEOUS, that dress is amazing, and it fits you like a glove! How fun and I'm what a great weekend you are already having. :)
I'm thinking you'll like my latest post. So you should probably check it out!

Jazz said...

Yay for Moms! Aren't they the best? My Mom always does little things like this for me and I am so completely undeserving. I should reciprocate more. Baaahh, this is making me miss my Mom. YAY for Moms!

Messy said...

OMG - Moms rock!!!! That is a beautiful dress and fits you perfectly!!!
My mom send me my bday present but it didn't make it here yesterday :( So I guess it wont be here till next week now. :( I hate waiting!!!
Happy Easter!

Elisha said...

lovely dress!!! (:

Unknown said...

You look beautiful in your new dress! And I'm so glad you guys had a great time. Kind of wish I was apart of that delicious first night yall had together!

Megan said...

How awesome of your mom! That dress is beautiful :)

The Adventurer said...

I am basically dancing all around in my awkward office chair because I am so excited for you. Screaming was also another reaction but I had to suppress that for fear of, you know, my coworkers.


Danie at Pasadya said...

What a sweet mama!! So glad you had a good Easter. :)

Unknown said...

cute dress x


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

That dress is hot snot! Mom gets two thumbs up.