Grown-up Hide and Seek


March 5, 2012
 That's what geocaching is right?

 So I'd heard about geocaching before, but I'd never done it until our recent road trip. Hubby got hooked first and then I tagged along with him. Maybe it's more like a grown-up treasure hunt... that means I get to be on National Treasure right (yes that's a secret dream of mine).
 So if you don't know what geocaching is, basically people hide these little boxes everywhere and post their GPS coordinates. Then you have to go find them. It may sound simple, but when you find that box you get the biggest thrill! The little kid inside you comes bursting out, and it feels like you're following a treasure map! A treasure map people, come on!
One of said geocaching adventures lead us to one of our nearest and dearest friends, Smokey the Bear. I definitely felt like I had found a treasure. Apparently the Grand Canyon hasn't had too many fires lately because Smokey looked like he had put on a little weight. It's okay Smokey, we still love you!
Who knows what the next adventure will bring!

Photos #2+#3 taken by Mason Beckman


Gentri said...

SO great! I still need to download that app! :D I need to go back to in n'out just to find that geocach for those guys. :) haha!

The Adventurer said...

We used to do this in college. SO. FUN. You get so into it and I love it. Also, let's please go on a National Treasure hunt. With Nicholas Cage. I'm so in.

Jazz said...

I've heard of this, looks way fun.