And for the Finale: The Grand Canyon!


March 28, 2012
 Ahh, the trip has come to a close at last. Thanks for sticking with Lena and I as we chronicled our trip. Lena will be sharing her view of the Grand Canyon soon enough, so check in with her! 
 On our way to the Grand Canyon we made a few stops, one of them being the Hoover Dam! During our excursion at the Dam we came upon this hole of death. We're still not really sure where it went, but for some reason I pictured flames bursting up and a little red man with a pitch fork (anyone with me?). We were also lucky enough to meet up with the wonderful Gentri Lee in Utah! If there is one blogger that you nee to meet it is this girl (okay, maybe I'm biased), but seriously she's awesome!
And finally we arrived! Well, actually we arrived at night, but the next day we woke up for the sunrise! I've never seen anything like that, the colors were amazing! Unfortunately we had to start our 30 hour drive home at noon so we couldn't go for a hike, but we did walk down a path for a little while. There was still snow, yes snow! And no guardrails. So it easily could have looked like this: step, slip, slide, die. We live on the edge. I can't wait to go back so we can actually hike down to the Colorado River! Rion's Aunt and Uncle actually guide on that river so maybe that will be an adventure in our future!


Jessa said...

The photos are beautiful! 30 hours?! Yikes! Hopefully you have a lot of fun car games up your sleeve!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

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The Adventurer said...

I am jealous for 100000000 reasons. Some of which are the following: A. GRAND CANYON B. GENTRI LEE... the rest are pretty much the same as those.

How. Seriously. Awesome.