Just...A Weird Feeling


You know when you just get a feeling that what's happening around you is weird?
You can't quite define why it's strange, but all the same, it's definitely strange. And you walk away from the experience going, "what the f@#! just happened?"

Those photos up there? They're pretty decieving. You look at them, and you might say, man... they must have had just such a cool night hanging out in a field and listening to music.

But no, for some reason Rion and I walked away from this event feeling very confused.
For example, what's with the bulls? What the freak is that guy doing with those bulls, and why was he doing it at this party?

Some questions will never be answered. 

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Valentina Duracinsky said...

hmmm... i think i've had that feeling. not bull-related, obviously haha
still, these are beautiful pictures!

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